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Doing this will inevitably grow your income as a Coach

Aug 11, 2022

I wrote this post in May of this year, 2022 - A lot has changed since then. I have had $10K+ plus days and more,  and what I am sharing here is really key! 

A few hours ago, I was looking at my numbers in the special Google sheet that I designed just for this! 

I have been using this Google sheet to track my daily income ( and other measurements ) in my coaching. 
I realized that the daily payments that I receive in my coaching is between $300 - $600 / day .
And yes, there are a few $0 days ,
Then there are days that are $1000 days…
Then $5,000 + days ….
What I am about to share with you in this post is something that is not spoken about in the way I am about to, but yet I find it to be one of the most precious gifts for you, if you are a healer / heart centered coach for whom the impact you have in this world is important….
I used not to track my numbers at all…
At the beginning, I just showed up to share my heart, then when I started making offers,  I looked at tracking only when money was coming in (  if only I knew what I know now ! :) ) .
And there were times when I avoided looking at my numbers all together… And if I am being honest with you, there are still days today when I catch myself doing that. But at least now, I am aware of what that means. 
I noticed, whenever I would open my spreadsheet to add in numbers, look at what was going on, I would make sales …. Out of nowhere sales…. 🤔 
Just like today, I randomly received 2 sales,  out of nowhere. 2 beautiful souls, who didn't know I existed just  yesterday, bought my offers on my website. It just so happens that a radio show I was on  a couple of years ago, they  replayed my conversation today, and that is how this happened.
The thing is, it could have happened in many different ways, simply because I was open to receiving it . 
Tracking numbers, without pressure, without making it mean anything about what is possible or what is not, it does that.
I really didn’t understand the energetics behind this, until  one of my mentors put it in a way that completely clicked for me! 
You see, imagine that you have a seed that you decide to plant , for a tree that will grow to bear fruits 🍉 
Let’s say the fruit is what you envision to receive as money income in your coaching ….
So now, the moment you have decided, you have planted the seed. 
Now when the seed is planted, you must water it, make sure the sun reaches it appropriately, remove the weeds and all - aka show up, create content, nurture your audience, shifting beliefs….and keep  connecting to your money by looking at it …
Meanwhile, the seed is growing underground, but you can’t see it sometimes …. ( aka $0 days ) 
But then, if  you make it mean something about you, because you don’t feel good about it, you decide not to water the seed anymore ….
If you make it mean that it's not working and you stop  caring for it …
What you do when you stop looking at your money is this: you unplug and what was already growing just gets scattered …
Everything changed when I really got this….
Here is another analogy I love about this! 
If you are a baker you will get this! 
Let's say you worked on the dough to prepare for cookies. 
You invest your time in making these little circular shaped cookies, or whatever shape is your favorite... 
Let's say the recipe asks for 15 minutes baking at 375 degrees. 
At minute 7, while it's all getting good, you open the oven obviously, the cookies are not done yet, and you decide it's not working out, and you unplug the oven... 
Then, of course, no cookies.
That is what we do when we are not tracking our numbers. 
Whenever I track my numbers, my income grows. 
Whenever there is a deep in my income,  when I look back, those times, I wasn't tracking. 
I became more intentional with looking at my numbers…
I now do this everyday , whether it is a $0 day or a $5000 day… 
And sometimes, I fall , but then get back on and continue. 
Looking at my numbers inspires me to make offers all the time…
The energy of this has increased my income…
The action that this fuels has increased my income….
And here is the thing, it’s the simplest act, and it takes less than 5 minutes…
There is a Google sheet I designed that I use for tracking my numbers, that I also share with all participants of More Money, Much Faster for Coaches and Healers that simplifies it all, and  keeps me on track with  receiving money increasingly in my business.
I also share in More Money, Much Faster For Coaches and Healers,  several other practical and energetic activities that  move energy towards money in your business and helps you receiving money more consistently in your coaching. 
You want to know the funny thing? If you  are sharing content, making offers regularly and still not receiving paying clients on a regular basis, I  suggest that you look at this part: Making friends with money.  It will change everything for you. You will be quite surprised.  
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