For Coaches And Healers, Ready For An Influx Of Ca$h

In the next 8 weeks & in a way that raises your vibration, and deepens the opening in your heart




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I am Dihessa! Welcome to More Money, Much Faster For Coaches And Healers...


If you are on this page, chances are it's because you are a coach or healer, who wouldn't mind  a fresh new influx of cash in her business - You are absolutely in the right place.  

I am so happy you've made your way here. 

I want to share something with you! 

Attracting paying clients in your coaching is actually not as complicated as it may seem...

Though I can say that now, I used to overcomplicate sales, and it made it that much more difficult  to receive the clients my heart was yearning to serve.  

If I were to summarize what got me to receiving money everyday in my business now, clients buying from my programs at all price points, it is this:

1. I figure out a way to communicate the value of my work in a way that feels the most delicious, raises my vibration and frequency

2. Sharing offers consistently, in a way that feels so good, and also raises my frequency. So much so that I can't help but talk about my offers.





The Simplicity Is The Most Powerful Part Of It All...  

I have simplified this so much that sometimes I create offers within minutes of having had an idea, and the same day have clients buying.


The simplicity of it all is what is so powerful about  More Money, Much Faster, For Coaches and Healers - and what brings in the results.

At this very moment as I am typing this, a message just came in, in our Voxer container, from one of the participants.

Here is what she just wrote:


"€5k hit the bank within minutes of invoicing this morning 
Prepping next €5k invoice tonight (when client sends her etc etc)… 
And holding space for the €2750 mom 
And have an interested Instagram lady in California 
So lots of action after we moved the gunk out..." - Vinita

What Is Creating These Types Of Results?


A combination of:

  • Shifts in beliefs
  • Brightening of the energetic field
  • Confidence in sharing the work
  • Potency in the messaging and  action that is being taken.

This is why I bring all these elements to you in More Money, Much Faster, for Coaches and Healers.



What I teach in More Money, Much Faster For Coaches And Healers is exactly what I applied to bounce back after I got sick with COVID and hit lows in my business.

I knew and had the tools and principles , so I used them, applied them and THEY WORK!!! 

emotionally, strategically, energetically…

  • I started with shifting my energetic condition ( because Covid had done a number on that … my energy was completely upside down ) - This brought my mind back into the game.
  • I then started applying the exact emotional, mind and practical strategies for more money much faster …

2 months later I was celebrating the biggest number of humans I had ever served in one month in my coaching, and that felt so good!!!!

It was  yet another confirmation more money much faster works!!!

A couple of  months after that, I was celebrating receiving over $46k in new sales in my coaching, in exactly 22 days.

I ended the year, having created the most growth I have created in my business, EVER in one year!

And P.S. I have now set up my business in a way that, if for any reason I am physically or emotionally out of commission,  money is continuously flowing into my business. 

I am sharing it all in More Money, Much Faster For Coaches And Healers Program. 


Who  is More Money, Much Faster For?


It's very simple!

This program is about CA$H.

YOU receiving more cash in your business, much faster than before. 

It really comes down to simple principles you may be ignoring at the moment. 

This program is for you if:

  • You are a coach or a healer, who absolutely loves working with your clients and and something about their transformation just moves your soul
  • You have already had at least one paid client
  • And, you are ready for of an influx of cash in your business,  in the next 8 weeks and beyond. 


This is about you putting yourself in an environment where making offers and more sales, consistently receiving money in your coaching,  becomes second nature to you. 


This works regardless of what level of business you are in, regardless of how much you charge for your programs...

However, you must have had at least one paid coaching client for you to benefit the most from this program



Experience  receiving CA$H in a way that gets you closer to your heart. 


Before I even share what is included in More Money, Much Faster For Coaches and Healers  is, allow me to share the excitement that happens in this program... 

"I'm waking up everyday with ideas its crazy. I'm doing another challenge in 2 weeks time and 5 people interested so far . 2 paid today  and I didn't even start promoting properly, I just did what you said ..."
" I just wanna report, I'm just in celebratory mode. The last 48 hours have been crazy, one phenomenon after another. My nervous system wanted to be hijacked, but I know better than to allow that. But so many of your words kept coming back to me over the last 48 hours, one phenomena after another.

I reminded about when you shared ..:

I didn't let any of those things stop me from staying focused and doing what I needed to do. Woohoo."
"Hi Dihessa Bodjona! I just want to tell you that I’m implementing around 45% of the things I’ve learned from you. And the shifts in my energy and business are incredible... Imagine when I dedicate myself to 100% :)?"
"Thank you for sharing all these good tips. Even creating content that I hated, I’m doing daily with ease"
"This is crazy! Yesterday when I told you that I got a client he said he will pay now and I think he forgot and didn't pay. I was doing the - assignment - 7 mins before I finished the payment came through  And I was doing the list without expectations."
"Hi, All I just came to celebrate! I sold today one of my programs for £333 I was testing and it worked. After the challenge, I ...did today's assignment... . I started to understand the trick of how to make more money much faster :). Thanks, Dihessa Bodjona "
 "Ok right now I have €17k in interested clients. 3 lovely German ladies. I am holding space for all 3 beautiful souls. The one that phoned me today said “it has to be you” "

"Thanks, Dihessa Bodjona for the lovely session today working on the solar plexus for anxiety. After you session, I went live for the challenge that I'm running and I was so calm and positive. Such a different person from yesterday"
"Hi ladies. I’m so excited I needed to share. I got my first 2 clients. "
"Other thing since I've been posting about myself, my the engagement is beautiful. People are on my DM saying how much they resonate with it"
"I didn't know that was possible. My goal for this month was 1k  because It was what I believed that was achievable. But I passed already "
"Ladies one more sale £222 ! I’m celebrating" 
"So forecast for March is €10k minus her €500 deposit. So €9500  (plus open to more)."
"One more sale of £333 I'm celebrating tonight. I wouldn't do this without all the strategy I learned with you Dihessa Bodjona. Thank you so much "
 "So far 3 clients are going to continue in their program for 2023. One student upgraded to become a private client on a 12-month commitment. I'm so grateful.  I have several more of these connections coming up!"
Pay in full $$3,333
4 payments of $897



The daily activities that take less time than you probably think, but pull money into your coaching.


This is exactly how I sell thousands of dollars worth of my coaching even when I don't have a sales page 

Income  Multiplier

Double, triple cash received with the same offer and same audience size - the most powerful yet underused energetic strategy ever

Simplified & Aligned

My sequence of making offers that not only makes it easy to make offers, but also, energetically opens room for more sales in your coaching 

Money: A Love Story

Powerful yet simple practices that draw money into your coaching, especially as you are implementing client attraction strategies. 

Energetic practice

The little known energetic practice that I use for  creating aligned content in minutes, that  inspires the humans in my universe to buy, at any price point

Voxer Mentorship

A space where you receive private 2-week access to Dihessa everyday, for quick shift in perspective, mindset, strategy, energy to keep the momentum of receiving money going. 

Bonus 1

Money Love Frequencies

Value: $333 

Bonus 2

Access to Sacred Experience Energy Classes

This has been my secret power, what keeps me motivated, break through fears, keep my mind focused on my goals and materializing them. 

Value:  $1,111

Bonus 3

Soulful Five Figure Community 

Value:  $1,111

Bonus 4

Make Money with AI as a Coach 

Value:  $333

Pay in full $$3,333
4 payments of $897
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What would it me to you, if you were to receive cash daily in your business?

More Money, Much Faster, The Experience


Week 1

Immediately after you register,  an email with your login and password is sent to you, and you are instantly granted access to all modules of the course.

Week 2

After you've had the chance to soak in the foundational content, you start pre-work - This is powerful stuff! Many of my past clients start seeing results even from here.

Emails will be dripped to you, with instructions .

Also, you are given access to SACRED live energy classes

Week 3 and 4

We are all hands on. You are in Voxer with me, we look at your content, I answer all your questions, you share your offers, you make sales, more money, much faster

Pay in full $3,333
4 payments of $897