Client Love


Corina Stratulat

My dearest Dihessa, your program has changed my life: it helps me to quiet my mind, focus better, feel healthier physically, manifest and be more confident in my ability to create, and overall find happiness inside me.

There are no words to express how grateful I am that you’ve allowed me to be at the receiving end of your amazing gift and expand thanks to your teachings. Not to mention all the laughter and fun debates we have in your course. I love you.

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Catherine Kabasia

I have used the "law of attraction" since 2014, paid all sorts of coaches, visualized and made all sorts of vision boards I never attached even a single thing from all the goals, but once I started working with you, boom!!!!

In 2 months I have archived so much.

Dihessa, you have really been an angel that changed my life... I didn't believe changes could come for me.