Hello, I'm Dihessa

and I am so thrilled you have found your way to my cyber home and Lumineuse Coaching! 

The past 5 years have been such a thrill! Such  a time of great expansion,  being a witness to ladies in my world, peeling their layers, thriving, becoming brighter, and making a change in other human's lives, through their coaching and otherwise. 

Lumineuse is all about activating coaches and leaders in creating  a life of  abundance, for the purpose of expanding our own consciousness first, and  impacting the global as a result of that. 

Mindset shifts, energetic shifts, coding breakthroughs, aligned intuitive strategies,  all combined together is what has made a difference for myself and for my clients.  


Income increase  

Feeling more wholesome and more open to life.  

Allowing more abundance in all areas of life



Introducing Lumineuse Coaching

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My Story And How I Work With Clients 

My journey online started as a web designer and social media manager for different companies. While I was working on developing that business, as life would have it, I encountered the world of energy.
I not only got to experience the healing that energy work had brought in my life, but also started learning how to apply it, in combination with mindset shifts for intentional creation in life and business. I applied these principles for the growth of my web design / social media manager business, and  it worked!  I went from  chasing potential clients on Craigslist  to being so excited to be waking up to messages from people ready to hire me, to consulting for international cooperations.
I then felt this pull, this urge to share what I was experiencing with others,  and that is how my coaching journey began. 
I started sharing just what I had experienced myself. More than just me experiencing my income going up, it was such a thrill to see the shifts that were occuring for my clients, in their lives, in their coaching. 
It is amazing what slight shifts in mindset, slight energetic shifts can do! 
Before I knew it, clients were reporting making more money in one month than they had made the previous 6 months combined.  
And there is nothing that tickles me more than when a client at first says "This is not possible for me because ... fill in the blanks  - whatever she believes -  People in my country don't pay that kind of money for coaching, or I have the wrong audience .... then a few weeks later, prove themselves wrong by reaching new levels of income in their coaching. 
But beyond their increase in income, it's how this work has impacted their worlds, my world, the healing it has brought to their families and environments , and mine, that is what touches me the most. 
Before I knew it, I was working with beautiful souls from all corners of the world: 
In Europe: France, Belgium, Greece,  Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Greece .... 
In Africa: Zambia, Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast ... 
Australia , New Zealand... 
Across the US, Canada ,  more countries I can list here. ...
In the process, much opening and expansion has occurred in my heart, and in my world. 
Though much of my awakening started when I encountered energy work and healing, it has expanded deeper since I have been coaching and my clients also experience the same. 
Self love and self acceptance cemented. 
My Lumineuse Coaching is a  beautiful combination  of Doing-ness,  being-ness and the art of allowing
My clients transform into confident leaders who concretize their awakenings, spiritual growth through materializing growth in their coaching, for themselves, for their clients, and for our collective expansion.

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