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Hello! I am Dihessa 

and I am so incredibly touched that  you have found your way to my cyber home! The past 5 years have been such a thrill, with countless breakthroughs. Such  a time of great expansion,  being a witness to ladies in my world, peeling their layers, thriving, becoming brighter, and making a change in other human's lives, through their coaching and otherwise. 

My specialty? Activating coaches and leaders in creating  a life of  abundance, for the purpose of expanding our own consciousness first, and  impacting the global as a result of that. 


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Client Love...  

Lili Miroslaba

"Since I have been working on my energy with Dihessa, the rate at which I am manifesting is hard for me to believe at times." 

Sonya  Laël

"Within a few weeks of working with Dihessa, I  received an income that is more the the 6 previous months combined."

Lynn Trotter

"My business is growing faster - Almost virtually on fire ."


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Segment Intending For Attracting  Clients

Get your hands on this powerful law of attraction technique that I use to attract paying clients in my business almost effortlessly.

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Get Paid For Sharing Your Spiritual Growth

How I turned my personal development into a 5 figure coaching business, while speeding up my own spiritual growth 

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Reprogram Your Brain For Abundance

My special energy meditation to get you in the space of feeling and allowing abundance in your life and in your business.

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