For the heart centered coach / healer / conscious coach 
who already knows that alignment with her heart, mind and energy
is key for her to grow her impact and income, while taking action.


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What others are saying about Energy Meditation For Calling In Coaching Clients


Enia Monteiro

"Two weeks in a row I woke up with a sale."

Alice Muhirwa

Today I got my second $1,500 client. This manifestation works.

Debbie Corsetti

"I got my first 2 clients. I'm excited. This meditation works!"








A short energy meditation to open your heart's field to receiving new clients, and creating deeper connection with current clients  

Whether you are working towards your first $5k month,  $10k month, $20k month or even six figure month, you already know that, as you are taking action, your energy, and where your mind is at is everything. It''s not about not having resistance along the way, it's about gaining the energetic ability to focus on your vision, and the energetic power to hold everything that comes along with growth. That is what this class will do for you!


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What others have said about doing this work with Dihessa




Yolunda Gold Medal Jester

"Dihessa I have been doing my Zero point exercise and so many blessings have shown up in my life.. Promotion, new business partners. I'm so grateful for you!! Thank You😊"


Lynn Trotter

“My business is expanding faster than I can actually cope with - almost virtually ON FIRE! I only set up in September have over doubled my aims. Ground Zero WORKS. Everyone listen to this lady - please. She has learned how to harness powerful energy - I firmly believe much of my success is down to your guidance. You deserve all the love the universe can bring. Having to interview more staff can't keep up with demand Credit where credit is due. And heartfelt thanks😘"


Debbie McKiver

"Dihessa asks us to post every week what we were open to receiving. One of the things I mentioned last was speaking opportunities. I just landed my first paid Corporate speaking engagement for my business. I'm so happy !!! It's an opportunity to gain new clients which I also opened myself up for!! e This week I mentioned money, and of course it's a paid engagement Thank You Universe😍😍😍❤️❤️"



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