Manifesting With Energy 2.0


The code in your body for mastering the art of joyfully making your dreams come true, without sacrificing your connection to higher self



Regardless of your past history, or possible traumas, how you use and manage your energy now, is what will determine your destiny! 




Hello! I am Dihessa...


And I know, the statement above is quite bold, especially since "Your thoughts create your reality" is a very popular statement.  However, allow me to share this with you.

 Like you, I have had experiences in my life which have stayed with me...

Some very positive and delightful experiences, and some other experiences that have left me with wounds, scars, and fears, (some more traumatizing than others... )

  • Some kept me from speaking my mind...
  • Some kept me from allowing myself from focusing on what I claimed I wanted
  • Some kept me out of being in state of gratitude and more in a space of feeling sorry for myself ... 
  • Some kept me from taking action towards the dreams that I wanted to materialize in my life ....
  • Some kept me from fully expressing myself

And the list goes on and on....

The thing is, when I started being intentional about taking responsibility for creating my life,  whenever I was having a hard time in one area of, whether it be money, relationships, self expression ...

  • I believed there were blocks that needed to be addressed in order to create powerfully 
  • I believed some ancestral blocks needed my attention before I could  accomplish what I wanted... 
  • I believed that in order for me to have what I was aiming for, certain blocks that were instilled within me in childhood needed to be removed..



Why "removing bocks" may NOT be working for you 


At the time what I did was spend a lot of time tackling root causes of why I was too shy, what was blocking the flow of money in my life.....

I then spend a great deal of time "removing these blocks" , one at the time. 

To be honest with you, that methodology on the surface at first, looked like it was working... 

The problem is that each time I thought I had removed a block, there was always another one that popped up. 

Sounds familiar? 

 I  started noticing this pattern where I kept finding myself back to the same spot over and over again. 

Now in retrospect, I realize that in many ways, I was giving  myself an excuse for why things weren't working out. 

Finding myself in the never ending cycle of "something needs to be fixed, I need to be fixed" 

The truth is, regardless of your past experiences, ancestral lineage and past pain, you were never broken! Access to your highest potential is available to you NOW! 


The truth is that  what we call blocks is simply our inability to transmute  the energy of pain. 


In some instances, our inability to go past our pain body to see, know and connect, and experience the part of us which is always whole, complete, fierce, creative, magnetic, and so much more... 


What I  have come to realize is that all  that past experiences have done was  to leave imprints on my energetic system which in turn govern my thoughts patterns, behaviors, emotions, what my mind focuses on...  which is the foundation of what I create in my life . 

What I then learned to do is change my thought patterns, emotions , behavior through  the Management to my energetic system. 


Integrating the physical, emotional and spiritual  not only led me to honing in more powerfully on intentional creation ( just had over $46k sales in less than 22 days in my business  doing this) ...

It has also led to a deeper opening in my heart, forgiveness, release of anxiety, feeling more present  and grounded in my life.. and in my opinion, it doesn't get any better than that! 




The most powerful way to manage your thoughts and emotions  is by  managing your energetic system

The most powerful way to manage your mind is through energy, integrating the physical, emotional and spiritual 






Your dreams were always meant to bring you back home to your heart. Focus on creating your dreams with energy, and you will automatically heal the wounds from your past 


Transform Your Life with the Power of Your Energetic System - Introducing Manifesting With Energy 2.0"

Are you ready to tap into the power of  your energetic system to bring your dreams to life in a way that get you even closer to your higher self?  Welcome to Manifesting With Energy 2.0 !

In this groundbreaking course, you'll discover the secrets to harnessing the power of energy and the chakras to bring your dreams to life and master your emotions.

We'll show you how your thoughts don't create your reality, but your energy does, and how you can use that energy to achieve anything you desire while deepening your intimacy with your divine self. 


With this  5-part juicy, transformative teachings, you'll learn how to focus on your dreams, master your emotions, and let the blocks fall away naturally.

I will guide you through the process of chakra healing for manifesting your heart's true desires in life and mastering your emotions, and teach you how to do it for yourself.

And to top it off, you will experience some pure fun time filled energy work, and an overall blast of bright energy.

Previous participants have reported:


  • Being more focused and motivated in taking action for their goals.  


  • Finding purpose after grief, and feeling alive again


  • Gaining the ability to manage symptoms of anxiety


  • Feeling much more present and joyful in their lives 


  • Finding more ease in allowing more money in their lives and businesses


  • Easier client attraction in their businesses as they are taking action 


  • The ability to choose and manifest at will . 


  • Repaired relationships ( from troubled relationship to engagement ) 




In their own words... 

Yes, I am in!

What you get:


  • A 5-part juicy,  transformative teachings + Integration
  • Some pure fun time filled with dancing, energyy work, Fun  Energy time  - 
  • Chakra Healing for manifesting your heart's true desires in life : you get to learn how to do this for yourself
  • The wildly popular ZERO POINT Manifestation video
  • BONUS:  Access to The heart in money course: ( 10 money illusions shattered, to allow money with more ease in your coaching and life.)- Sells at $333



“ I have never missed a weekly meditation since I joined that first week. I was afraid to buy another program, because I have spent so much money on programs. Because I was afraid I kept coming to to free meditation classes to see what your programs would be like. After two classes I bought manifesting with energy. The month I bought manifesting with energy was the first time I have ever made over 20k in a month. I was like what is this! This energy thing works! Whenever I do my Sunday meditation classes, I am certain that I will get at least one new client that week. It happened today! I got a new client this morning, she said someone gave her my information. To be honest the name she called, I don’t think I know who that person is."

-Candace Hamilton

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If you:


  • Desire to be filled with joy, love, forgiveness,  brigthness and light .


  • Are aching to feel fully present, vibrant and taking action for her goals and dreams.


  • Are ready to harness the powerful ability of transmuting energy, when you are facing challenging times, and turn them into your advantage, creating growth.


  •  Opened to discovering how to use your energetic system to stop procrastinating, and actually do the things you know will propel you forward 


  • Are curious about how to create magnetic energy around you that other humans and clients are pulled to ( yes, it is all in your body )


  •  Are ready to receive the mind breakthrough that had to happen for me to attract over $50k in one month


  • Are willing to turn the  energy of  betrayal, pain, heartbreak, grief and hurt into energy of expansion, opened heart and allowing more of what you choose and want. 


Then welcome aboard. Simply click the button below to join us. You will gain Instant access.

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