Manifesting With Energy 2.0


The code in your body for mastering the art of joyfully making your dreams come true, without sacrificing your connection to higher self


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Over 2,000 humans have been touched by  this

5-day experiencial masterclass



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Manifesting With Energy 2.0 Is For Everyone Who...


  • Desires to be in a week-long container filled with joy, love, forgivness,  brigthness and light .


  • Is all for being fully being present, vibrant and taking action for her goals and dreams.


  • Have the tendency to procrastinate? I hear you and I got you! I used to procrastinate all the time, and I will show you how to shift out of that. Once I started taking action consistently for my dreams, my dreams , it all started coming full circle. Hint: It's mindset + energetic.


  • How to create magnetic energy around you that other humans and clients are pulled to ( yes, it is all in your body )


  •  The mind breakthrough that had to happen for me to attract over $50k in one month


  • Transmuting the energy of  betrayal, pain, heartbreak, grief and hurt into energy of expansion, opened heart and allowing more of what you choose and want. 



The human who can feel her value, and has mastered the art of intentional creation will change the world!

Previous participants have reported:


  • Being more focused and motivated in taking action for their goals.  


  • Finding purpose after grief, and feeling alive again


  • Gaining the ability to manage symptoms of anxiety


  • Feeling much more present and joyful in their lives 


  • Finding more ease in allowing more money in their lives and businesses


  • Easier client attraction in their businesses as they are taking action 


  • The ability to choose and manifest at will . 


  • lationshipRepaired relationships ( from troubled relationship to engagement ) 




In their own words... 

I AM SO READY FOR THIS. GET ME IN! ( One Payment of $555 )

What you get:


  • 5 days of juicy transformative teachings + Integration
  • Some pure fun time filled with dancing, energyy work, Fun  Energy time  - 
  • Chakra Healing : you get to learn how to do this for yourself
  • Celebrations Party Saturday 


Sign Me Up! ( One Payment of $555)
Sign Me Up! ( One Payment of $555)