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How to attract money mantra

Aug 10, 2022

Today's message is quick! 



You know, one thing that has been clear on this journey as a coach for me is that intention is everything. 


For me, when I am growing, it is because as I am showing up and taking action, I am also working on my mind and energy . 


There is one money mantra that I have learned a couple of  years ago, that I have been utilizing since, that has really worked wonders for me. 


Sometimes, I have even manifested the money I have asked for within hours. 


I am sharing it with you here, but remember, you have to do your part, you have to take action.... as a French saying goes "Aides toi, le ciel t'aidera" , meaning 


Do your part, and heaven will do it's part. 



As you are showing up, creating content for your audience, sharing your heart with them, use this mantra, and see what happens! :) 



How to use this mantra: 


With abundance frequencies playing in the background ( search on Youtube) , Write down this mantra. Read it out loud and feel the feelings of it becoming reality for about 3-5 minutes. Then let it be. don't come back to it again. You can do this every 3- 5 days or  so. 


 Money  Mantra


For the good of all and with harm to none, $_____ is on its way to me. It comes to me and is used how I choose. I thank the Universe in advance and focus on the abundance I already have and the overflow of abundance on its way. I will be surprised at the speed and level of ease at which it manifests into my life. I expect the money to come within a few hours but no more than 3 days. So it is.










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