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You are history into making

Oct 06, 2021
Oh yeah! My very first blog post on my rebranded site! Welcome! 
As you may or may not already know, I recently moved from Denver to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. 
In the past couple of months, I have been enjoying meeting new people and discovering a new world. 
In meeting new people, outside of my work world, one of the very first questions that often would come up is this:  "What do you do?" . 
Each time I have said " I am an online energy coach / mentor", I  have realized that still, the online coaching world is still not mainstream, outside of our  online community. 
In the past, I have dreaded that question : "What do you do?" . Have you ever felt that way?
It felt like I needed to explain myself :) . 
I mean, when it's someone who is in the coaching world, it's easy, they get it! 
But then there are those who roll their eyes because coaching is not part of the established world YET. 
It's so funny how coaching is a multi-billion dollar industry, but yet, most don't understand this world of coaching YET... 
But there is no doubt the day is coming. 
There is no doubt this is just the beginning of a new world, where coaching already is, and will continue to play a pivotal role for our global evolution. 
When I think of how much healing I have received from having been coached by my mentors, it brings me to tears. 
When I think of the many souls who have come into my coaching world, and the transformation that has occurred from our work together, for themselves, for their families,  and for their environment, that gives me chills. 
Online Coaching is a thing! 
In fact, it is THE thing that will transform the world! 
It is THE thing that will create more healing in the world than ever before. 
It is THE thing that will create more open hearts on our planet than ever before. 
It is THE thing that will be the catalyst to more enlightenments in our world than ever before. 
So, if you ever find yourself doubting yourself in your coaching work, remember this: 
I love you!