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Growth is scary

Nov 16, 2022
The truth is, growth is scary! 
I remember the first time I decided  I was going to write a heartfelt note and post it on social media. 
At the time, it was the scariest thing I could ever think of... 🙂 
What were people going to think? Say? 
And then, it came the time when I decided I was going to make my first live video....
My body was literally shaking! The thought of people watching me live, there was no redo, no editing, raw ... Needless to say, I was terrified ( Oh, did I also mention that these were the days I was still pretty shy?)
Then, the day I decided to invest in the very first online program I have ever purchased, and learn online marketing, OMG! 
Was this going to work? What if it fails?  😱 
Today, I look back and realize that the one thing that made me not cave into my fears was the  very simple fact: there came a point where a dream had flourished in my heart! 
A dream to allow the fullest expression of the true essence of who I am,  out in the world, and a deep desire and hope that I simply being that, could possibly inspire another human in the world who had that same desire in their hearts . 
There came a time when I DECIDED that my dream mattered to me more than my fears! I remember the very moment when this happened. 
The fears never went away.  Many of my old fears have simply faded away, but every time I am stepping forward to a new vision, a new level of growth, there are new fears I never knew were there.... ( peekaboo) lol  
I then have to CHOOSE again, and again, and again. 
I experienced this again this past week, as I was making the boldest financial investment I have ever made in my business... 
Though I am intuitive enough to know this was the right move for me, it was still scary! 
My whole entire body, shaky..... 
A sleepless night or 2  lol ....
A full nervous system reaction ... 
The thing is that I have been here before... 
And every single time, it's been the catalyst to next level growth for me...
Even if all I got  were the shifts I have received from this investment the past few days alone, it would be so worth it! 
But the thing is there is more, so much more! 
What you want, it is already available to you! 
Claiming it, that takes courage. 
It takes you choosing it. 
It takes DECIDING that what your heart wants is more important to you than your fears! 
Go for it!!!!