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This small shift could exponentially increase cash received in your coaching.

This small shift could exponentially increase cash received in your coaching.

Sep 29, 2023

Hello, hello, hello, Dihessa Bodjona here.


Welcome to the Lumineuse Life Podcast.


Episode number three.


All right.


So what I'm sharing with you here is a shift that got me earning multiple times a month in my coaching. And I feel like if I hadn't made this shift in my business, I'd still be talking my head off and not attracting clients as powerfully as I am now. This shift has a lot to do with how I share content, and it also has a lot to do with, you guess it, energy. And I'm going to explain exactly what I mean. Right?


The interesting thing is this topic came up in one of my group calls today because I see this with clients all the time, and when they shift around this, it creates the biggest change ever, right? I even had a client who had the first call with me last week, and when she shifted around this, she literally was in my inbox saying, "You know, I just created this quick change in my thing, and I have one person already in my inbox asking me about my services."


So what is Dihessa talking about? It is something that I have found that if you are a spirituality-driven entrepreneur, if you are an energy-driven entrepreneur, or like a coach, if you are a heart-centered coach and such, this is something that I have found a lot of the time we have difficulty expressing ourselves in. Clearly, if I may say so, this is something that actually took me a little bit of time, and I'll explain to you what shifted, right?


Because it wasn't because I didn't know the principle. It wasn't because I didn't have a coach that told me. I have heard several of my coaches year after year share with me, and this is what the thing is. Dihessa speaks to the transformation. Even beyond that, there are people who really want to know what your work is going to do for them, right? So let me explain.


So if you are, again, a spirituality-driven entrepreneur, if you have all these tools that you use in your work, you may do energy work, you may do chakra healings, you may do past life regressions, you may do all these things, but you may have all these tools in your toolbox. In the past, I used to have the tendency to talk about my tools, talk about how, you know, let me do a chakra healing, which there's nothing wrong with that, but for what purpose, right?


We are in a different era of coaching now, more than ever, right? Clients want to know exactly what is the transformation that you are going to bring to their life. What does that mean? That means I'm now more than ever, clients want to know exactly what is the transformation that you are going to bring to their life.


What can you do? For me, I was sharing with my humans earlier today. People are buying all the time. Forget what anybody says. People are buying all the time. I'm experiencing this in my business. I'm experiencing and I am buying all the time as well. But I'm buying more consciously. What does that mean?


More intentionally. So what that means for us as coaches and healers is we have to be crystal clear. What is it that we are doing for our clients? Be very crystal clear. Not just these woo-woo ideas, not just all these ideologies, not all these beautiful ideas and what should be, what should not be, all of these things, but straight to the point.


Not all like encouraging, not that there's anything wrong with being inspiring and stuff like that. Inspiration and all that, it's all good, but often the time, that's not what's going to get you the clients, really. What's going to get you the client is, "I want to literally talk about this because I just requested a link to join your 21-day program. I saw it and I'm like, 'Yes, sign me up.'" Things like that. Very concrete and specific things that people are literally sitting in the living room and wondering, "How can I make this happen for myself? How can I feel more joyful?" Something as simple as that, right?


You can be one to say, "If you come to me and you take steps one, two, three, I promise you, if you take steps one to three, you will feel more joyful. Or if you take more steps one to three with me, you will make more money. If you take steps one to three with me, you'll lose weight. If you take steps one to three with me, you'll feel more driven. You'll feel more stamina. You'll feel more vitality in your body. You'll go from being tired all the time to feeling vitality." What is your promise? What is your promise? What is your promise to the people who are watching you, who are listening to you? What is the solution?



So there are two things to this. One is what I just shared. So the thing is, I heard this for so many years, but the reason why it took a bit for me to land and now I can't share anything without really thinking to myself, "What is the result?" So the reason why is that, and now I'm going to take you into energetic land. What I have found is that, and I see this all the time when clients come to me and they are stuck in the head, meaning they are stuck in ideologies and not just sharing about how beautiful things are, let's encourage people, and all these things. A lot of the times, it's because the energy is upside down. Basically, all the energy is up in the head and disconnected from the earth. What that really means is that the lower chakras are weaker than the upper chakras.


I lived my whole entire life with my lower chakras, lower energy centers being weaker than my upper energy centers. What that really meant for me is I saw the whole of my heart chakra and also I saw the whole of a lot of different things. I had a very hard time expressing myself for the longest time. I had a hard time expressing myself and I had a lot of ideas, but I didn't have the power, I wouldn't take action, all of that, right? Even worse than that. But when my lower chakras were really weak, I was almost like in La La Land, right? So even if you catch yourself being in that space, even though you already know the principle that shared the transformation shall actually make for the client, but you always catch yourself being woo, all these like La La Land things and not talking about concrete transformation, then I really invite you to really focus right then, like by doing this, right?


Because it's not just information like we know it in the head. When I was going through this, it wasn't that I didn't know it in the head, I did know it in the head, but in practicality, it was almost like my body and my mind wouldn't catch on with each other. But the more I descended, as I call it, the more I descended into my body, the more I am in this physical realm by really empowering my lower chakras, the more naturally I am like, "Oh yeah, this is what the problem is. This will fix it."


It's like because then I am right here on planet Earth, even though I'm utilizing everything in the spiritual realm. If that makes sense, right? So this is the thing that I wanted to share with you.


There's always I'm always looking. I'm always saying because I've done this work for quite a bit now, I'm always looking at what is this? How does this reflect? What is the energetic condition in the body that is creating this, that is being reflected in this particular condition, whether it's the way we share content, whether we are showing up or not, whether all these things.


So a lot of the times, even if you catch yourself in the space where you're having a hard time sharing concrete things, like talking about the transformation and stuff, the other thing that I am willing to bet is that you are also having a hard time even showing up because all is interconnected.


So what I'm really going to invite you to do, if you are to go from that perspective, from that ground, is focus on really strengthening your lower chakras, and at the same time, practice. So you can do this two ways at the same time: be practicing, be bringing it. If you need to write this down, always write it down and then like always write down somewhere when you're creating content. Always remind them what's in it for the viewer, what is in it for the reader, what's in it for my audience, what is the concrete thing that they're going to get from this? Always write it in there so you can practice it from the practical parts, right?


The practical way, and then at the same time, you have your energy emitted. How quick. This is some of the most powerful things that you can do, right? So practice, practice, practice, right?


And then at the same time, allow your energy to catch up, to catch up with that by really strengthening your lower chakras. So you're going to ask me now, "How do I strengthen my lower chakras?" Well, there's only so much I can do here in the podcast. So what I would say will be, you can do things like that. Let me just say this. One of the ways you can start activating your lower abdomen chakras is by really doing lower abdomen breathing.


Even as you go into bed, you can focus on your lower abdomen breathing. Literally, like even as you are walking throughout the day, just make yourself a reminder to bring your mind down to your lower abdomen. And the other thing is, as you're walking, this is very basic, so that energy is not too much in your head. Obviously, there are better things that you can do to really, really develop lower chakra strength. If you're asking me where do we find this in your programs, you can always reach out to me, and I'll share everything with you. But we do a lot of this in all my sacred six months of experience, and the very first place that you can also find this where you can do this on your own is in the Manifesting Energy 2.0 program.


All right. So I hope that this was helpful to you. If you're watching this on my blog post, you can scroll down, leave me a comment, and also know that there will be a transcription of this podcast there, and in there, there will be links to everything that I mentioned on the podcast. Thanks for hanging out with me. I will talk to you soon. I'll be back. See you in the next episode. Bye!