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The surprising way your meditation may be doing more harm than good, and depleting you from manifestation power - How to shift it.

The surprising way your meditation may be doing more harm than good, and depleting you from manifestation power - How to shift it.

Sep 29, 2023


To get started, let me ask you a question. Do you think? Do you believe that it's possible that meditation can do more harm than good? And my answer to that is yes.


Another question for you: Is it possible that meditation can actually prevent you and keep you from manifesting as powerfully and as intentionally as you want in your life and in your business? And my answer to that also is a resounding big yes. Right?


But in which situation does this happen? Are you doing meditation right now in a way that's actually keeping you from manifesting? Are you meditating? Are you doing meditation right now in a way that is actually draining you from your power of creation? This is what I am sharing with you in this podcast.


First of all, I'm sharing with you in which situations this is true. And then I'm also sharing with you what you can do to actually recover from this. So the reason why I felt so inspired to share this topic on episode two of this podcast is, first of all, because this is something that I lived for so long. For so long, I was doing meditation, and I felt like I was doing meditation in a way that was empowering simply because I read. In a way that was empowering simply because I read.


And basically, the premise behind this was when I read the book, like, just like Esther Abraham's books. The law of attraction and If you read the book, that was the point where she mentions how she really started her journey of personal development was when she started sitting down every day for 15 minutes and meditating for 16 minutes.


So I started doing that. But what I didn't know back in the day before I even knew about energy, what I didn't know was that the way that I was meditating at the time was actually doing more harm than good.


I've also observed this issue frequently while working with clients. I'll illustrate this with a story about a relative who visited from Togo. She discovered meditation and the law of attraction, and her excitement led her to meditate extensively. At first, it seemed great, but after a few weeks, she became jittery, anxious, and even borderline depressed. I knew exactly what was happening, given my knowledge of energy systems, and I'll explain more shortly.


So, let's dive into the principle behind this issue. Our energy centers, or chakras, play a crucial role in this discussion. The lower chakras (first, second, and third) are connected to the physical realm, while the upper chakras focus on spirituality and higher energies. The key is to maintain a balance and gather energy in the lower chakras, creating a strong foundation.



When meditation is primarily focused on visualization and resides in the head, it can disrupt this balance, causing energetic instability. The energy flows upward, leaving the lower chakras depleted, resulting in anxiety, feeling ungrounded, and lacking stamina. In terms of manifestation, this leads to a disconnect between our ideas and our ability to materialize them.


So how can you fix this? First, shift your focus during meditation from your head to your body. You can start with chest breathing to release any energetic congestion in your chest. Gradually, shift your focus down to the pit of your core (second chakra) and concentrate on how your abdomen naturally expands and relaxes with each breath.


Another technique is to squeeze and release your anus, which naturally pulls energy down. These practices help reverse the energetic condition and restore balance, empowering you to manifest your desires more effectively.


I hope this simplified guide helps you understand why meditation can sometimes hinder your manifestation efforts and how to overcome this challenge. Your energetic system holds the key to unlocking your true manifesting potential.


This is when we often find ourselves trapped in an illusion, right? When I say "illusion," it's as if we believe in many different things, but the truth is that most of us lack the energetic power required to materialize our dreams into the physical realm. So, how can you reverse this condition?


Your power lies in reversing it. How do you do that? Well, you can start by harnessing energy in your life. This is just the initial step. There are, of course, numerous ways to achieve this.


The interesting thing, which I find quite amusing, is that whenever I conduct an energetic blueprint reading for someone, I can usually tell what's happening within their energetic system. During these readings, I often notice something intriguing. When I get on a call with a client and start analyzing their energetic blueprint, I sometimes sense that they meditate frequently.


However, I also often observe that their energy predominantly flows through the top of their head, rather than descending to their core. This suggests that, despite having many ideas and beautiful visions of how they want to manifest their dreams, they lack the necessary inner power to make it happen.


If you found this episode valuable, please leave a comment below. I'd love to hear about your experiences and how these techniques work for you. Thanks for tuning in, and I'll see you in the next episode. bye!"


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