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Untangling worthiness from creation - my conversation with Alison

Untangling worthiness from creation - my conversation with Alison

Sep 06, 2023

Hello, Hello Hello! This is Dihessa here, and I just felt so inspired to create this quick voice note/blog post for you today. This blog post/Voice Note was inspired by a visit that I received this past weekend from my friend Alison. I actually dropped her off at the airport earlier today, at the moment I recorded this...


Yesterday, and  the day before, we got to hang out quite a bit. Yesterday, we had such a beautiful conversation around how we  met and how much things have changed specifically for Alison since we met. So some of the topics came around worthiness and creation, worthiness and manifestation. Let me go back a little bit on this one.


So how did I meet Alison? Actually, the very first time that I met her was when she came to my very, very first Sedona retreat, the very first retreat that I had, she showed up.

She had been in maybe one online program of mine, one program or two...


But prior to that, we did not know each other at all. We just met online, and she had just encountered my content online, bought of my programs, she then came to Sedona at the first round and then came to Sedona again another time, and then a third time, and then the rest is history. But one question that I asked her yesterday, and at the end of this quick voice note, I'll actually share with you a conversation that we had yesterday.



It was so unplanned, so impromptu. The conversation started, and then I was like, "Oh, my God, I want to record this."

As you'll notice, when we had that conversation,  we were at a restaurant, so there's a little bit of background noise, but I thought it was so beautiful. I still wanted to share it with you, and I'll also share the transcript of that conversation with below  the video so that you can read. 


So the question that I asked her yesterday was, "What even inspired you? Like, you didn't know me from Adam. You didn't know me at all. You had just encountered a video of mine online. What inspired you? What really made you feel like you wanted to come to Sedona, knowing, you know, like, you had to fly from Atlanta, Georgia, to Phoenix, then Sedona. Why? What inspired you to come?"


She shared with me how actually it was because she was really starting to look for something so much deeper for  herself in her life. She really wanted to go beyond the surface level. She had a beautiful career and also she had dreams.


One thing that I know, 100%, and we also had a conversation about it, is that the first time that I met Alison, she reminded me so much of myself prior to that, because when I met Alison and you'll hear why she shares in the voice note where she is sharing her story.


When I first met her, one thing that I noticed was she was so quiet and she was so shy, and she really didn't enjoy expressing herself very much.


And when I see her today, OMG, it is such a day and night difference. It's so beautiful to see how much she has blossomed over these years, how much she has been so intentional  about peeling  her own layers and really creating such a beautiful transformation for herself.


Now, she literally went from the lady who didn't like, as you'll hear in the conversation, she didn't want to be seen. She didn't like even speaking in front of people. And now she's hosting her own events, her own human beings. And that's so beautiful. So one of the questions I asked her was, "How does she feel? What does she feel that is so different for her ever since she's been to Sedona, obviously she felt something and something started changing for her right then and there, which is the reason why she felt inspired to come more than once.


And then after that, she actually started doing deeper training, more advanced trainings, which got her really, like, really blossoming in a beautiful way. But one of the things that she said to me and it moved me so much, which really inspired this quick note, was how she finally realized that , how she  finally felt at that Sedona retreat that she didn't need to do anything, she didn't  need to be anything else but her to be worthy. Worthiness is her own birthright. That's why before then, even though she may have roles in her head, she may not necessarily have felt that way. And a lot of the time,   we mix up worthiness with creation, right?


But in reality, worthiness and creation don't really need to be mixed up. We complicate everything when we do so.  Worthiness is related to feeling our true value, the essence of who we are, manifestation is just how we move energy toward our goals and how we move energy toward our dreams, how we move our minds toward that worthiness of feeling our worth. It's something completely separate. They don't necessarily have anything to do with each other, right?


The reason why I'm saying this is that a lot of times, some people may feel super worthy and still have the hardest time manifesting. And then some people can manifest things in powerful, huge ways but still not feel worthy, not feel their own worth, not feel their own value, right? But the worst thing that we do is when we start to entangle both worthiness and creation and manifestation, right?


We put them all in one pot and try to kind of make one mean the other.

And so one thing that has been super powerful for me is when I started catching both manifestation and feeling my value, feeling my true value.

It's possible that you can feel your true value and not have the mechanics, not master the mechanics of creation and manifestation, and vice versa.

You can be a super, super powerful creator, super, super powerful manifestor, but at the same time not feel your own value. And what happens when that happens is  that's when you can find yourself with, like, humans who have maybe millions of dollars and have created immense growth in their businesses and stuff like that, but still experiencing things like depression, being mean to others because they don't see their own value, they see other people's value, and so on and so forth.


So I have enjoyed my conversation with Alison so much. So on that note, what I wanted to do is I wanted to share our conversation with you here, and also to remind you, depending on when you are watching or listening to this voice note, registration for Sedona Retreat is coming to an end. Registration is closing this week, on Thursday, September the 7th.

Also, I wanted  to share with you exactly why when people come to Sedona, this retreat, the reason why we get to feel ourselves in such deep ways.


So underneath it all, underneath all the judgment of others, and underneath all of our judgments, there is this pure being-ness that we are, the true essence of who we are.

It's actually layers of our brain that reside, we can feel, experience this truest essence of we are in the deepest layers of our brain, underneath our thinking and emotional brains. 


The judgment and all that and calculation and all that happens on the top layer of the brain. The problem is most of us spend so much of our time all the time, most of our time in the thinking layer, like the surface layers of the brain, which is the thinking layer and the emotional layer, so much so that we don't spend a lot of time feeling the essence of the truest essence of who we are.


What's so beautiful about Sedona retreat is that you actually have this time where all your focus is inward, all your focus is inward so that you can encounter and experience that part of who you are with very limited distraction. You are surrounded by this beautiful nature so that you can reconnect with the nature within yourself.


 One other thing that Alison said to me yesterday was that once she experienced that, which she had never experienced prior to that, once she experienced that, then afterward, it was just a matter of reminding herself, "Oh, that is within me, that is within me." And then she said something which was so pure. She said once, you know, you cannot unknown once you have experienced it, even as I'm saying this, I got goosebumps. This is why I became so passionate, because once I actually experienced that for myself, there was no way I could un-know it! new, I knew.


And my only job after that was to really go back to that source, go back to that truest essence of who I am.

In Sedona as well, at that retreat, not only do you get to experience that part of who you are, you also get tools for when you go back home. I

t's not an experience of, "Okay, I just experienced this for these beautiful five days, and then it's over, and then I go back home and everything is back to my old self." It's more, you get to experience it, you get to taste it, you get to really feel your heart open so deeply, get to experience the truest essence of you also deeply.


And then you'll have the tools when you go home so that you can reignite that whenever you choose to, so that you can actually awaken that more and more and amplify that sensation more and more and more in your life. This is what happened to me. This is what happened for me. But before I actually experienced that part of who I was,  that part of who I am, I was so shy. I judged myself all the time.


I couldn't even hold a coherent conversation with humans that I wasn't familiar with because I was so in my head all the time. And I was never, ever, ever good enough in my head. I was judging myself all the time, let alone even going online and making videos and doing all these things that I do now, because I was judging myself so much. I was in my head so much.


And also the other thing that happened for me when I awakened that power, like literally when I really started feeling that part of who I am, there's this strong will that came along.The more I actually awakened that, the bigger I got, and that power of who I am.


There's this level of who we are that really, like, is strong. Where that came along with it. I would never have been able to actually grow this business the way that I have grown it had I not continued really growing this part of who I am. Before I started doing that, before I even felt this power of who I was, what I always used to do was I would start one thing and then drop it and start another because I actually had no clear vision because I really couldn't connect to why I was doing anything that I was doing.


And so this is the heart of everything that has happened, all the changes. This has been the heart for Allison's growth, and this has been the heart of so many who have participated in this or who have had this experience for themselves. So if you are listening to this and you have yet to sign up for this upcoming Sedona retreat, this is my sincere invitation for you to come have your own experience. And now I'm going to share the voice note of Alison.


So, what do you think is different for you when you look back? I definitely know myself better, and I'm more comfortable with myself. Definitely, I have accepted myself. And that was something I struggled with for years, for a very long time. It's something that even just liking myself. So, you know, and I've definitely learned to like myself and then to love myself.


But yeah, I'm more comfortable with me in my skin, and I accept myself, and I'm not trying to hide it because I hid it for a while. You know, I didn't want to be seen. So, you know, I held myself back from doing a lot of things because I didn't want to be like the center of attention or have people looking at me or anything like that.


So, I have definitely come a long way from that. You know, I'm on camera. You know, that would be unheard of before. I would be like, absolutely not. Me in front of people and speak? No.


Wow. So, okay, so how did you show? Like, when you didn’t accept yourself as much as you do now, when you didn't like yourself as much as you do now? Like, how did how did it show up in your life back then? What do you feel it kept you from doing? Well? Like, how did it feel? Why did it? So, Yeah, I guess the backstory is that I've always had the left side of my face. The muscle is very, very, very weak. So it caused like, I don't want to say disfigurement, but like lopsidedness, right? It was more pronounced when I was younger. It's still there somewhat, but it's not like it was when I was younger.


And so that caused a lot of teasing, always people asking, “what happened?” That was a question I got all the time. What happened? You know, why are you like that? You look like…. So I kind of went into a shell in a sense, and I wouldn’t laugh in front of people, I didn't want to talk to people, I didn't want people to look at me. I actually hated myself. I was like, I'm ugly, you know, just. Yeah. Okay. So that was really my childhood, that's how I felt. So and, you know, if you believe that stuff long enough, it becomes your identity and how you see yourself as opposed to how other people see you. So you're like, but it was me really projecting how I felt about myself.


You know, obviously, I didn’t know better at the time. I didn’t know that, but yeah, I used to always be like that. I didn't look in the mirrors. Hmm. So what do you change once that changed? Now you are more outgoing, you allow yourself to have a lot of fun… Like I hear you speaking life, and you are living life, man! What do you feel, like what is the difference now?


Now that you like yourself more? Now that you accept yourself more? For example? I really just yeah, I think finding who you truly are, that it wasn't about the outward appearance. It was about, you know, the inner, you know, the inner me... like, that's what it's really about, and the worthiness, that was an issue. So understanding that regardless of what somebody looks like or goes through, it was about I was already worthy, and I didn’t have to do anything else, and like, that was just a given, you know?


Now, thank you so much for listening to this. And if you noticed at the beginning of this quick voice note, I had this special music, which was the theme song for "Coming to America." The reason why was actually very intentional. It was a tribute to yesterday evening that I spent with Alison. We watched "Coming to America" together.


It was a beautiful, beautiful evening. It was a beautiful day. It was a beautiful weekend. Alison, if you're listening to this, thank you so much. Number one, for taking a leap all those years ago and coming to Sedona. Thank you for sharing your heart with me yesterday. Thank you for your transformation. Thank you for your friendship. And most of all, thank you for visiting me and most of all, thank you for the most beautiful weekend that we had and for everybody else.


Once again, thank you for listening to this voice note. If you are thinking of coming to Sedona's retreat this October, it's from 4th to October the 8th. Then just know that our registration for the Sedona retreat ends on Thursday, September the 7th. And so I'll have a link somewhere on this video for you to go check it out and for you to join us if that is your choice. And you have no idea how excited I am to meet you in person. I'm thinking about the ladies who've already signed up, and each time I think about them, I just feel this buzz. I'm just buzzing, thinking about the experience that they actually have no idea what's in store for them. They have no clue.


Usually, when people come, they're like, "There was no way I could ever have imagined this." I've heard that sentence so many times, so many times. But anyways, sending lots of love and stuff. Just bye.


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