Private Coaching

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Lumineuse Private Coaching is for the woman ready to share her light, make an impact, expand the reach and brightness of her energy, and  grow her income! In the process, layers are shed, coding breakthroughs occur.  

The pillars of Lumineuse  Coaching are these: 

Simplicity, Service, Purpose, Alignment and Flow. 

My clients transform into confident, centered and grounded leaders  and healers who make an impact for our collective expansion.


It is very likely my story began similarly to yours! :) . First came the strong pull for personal development, then on that journey,  a deep calling, strong desire, from my soul, to share what I was awakening to with others. Sounds familiar?  Well, after a bit or resistance, I answered the call and started my coaching 5 years ago. It is pretty crazy what has happened since then! Watch  the video below, I share it all in there. <3 


Areas Covered In Lumineuse Coaching


Energy and energetics around showing up, leadership, and income increase.

The different archetypes within you that come into play when it comes to business growth, and how to balance them for optimum results. 

How to energetically maneuver through initiation times so that they become fuel for exponential growth in your coaching . 

Create / maintain a brightened aura that attracts clients into your world.

Break through past conditioning, and  form new habits that support  money and impact growth in your coaching, despite the wounds from your past that may have kept you from fully showing up in the past.





Create a social media presence that just lights up your soul's tribe when they encounter your content on the internet. 

The aligned strategy, customized specifically to your life that will yield the most powerful results for you. 

The easiest way to create create magnetic content that barely takes any time to produce - seemingly effortless. 

Content events  planning for a continuous flow of clients in your coaching.

Implementation of your sales process so that you continue to grow your income month after month. 



The Art Of Allowing 

Get into the rhythm of co-creation with the universe in your coaching to attract the soul's clients who are ready for your work.

Shattering the subtle and not so subtle  coding that we've inherited so that you can allow easy money flow in your coaching.

Master the art of receiving, to open yourself up to the wonders of the universe on your journey of growth and evolution in your coaching.

What Is Included


Planning / strategy / implementation / energy and energetics  weekly calls.

Monthly intuitive readings with Dihessa: getting answers from the energetic  realm to speed up growth in your coaching. 

Unlimited Voxer support during business hours.

Access to all my current and upcoming courses during the time of our work together. 



The investment

3-Month Mentorship: $15,000 

6-Month Mentorship: $27,000 


Payment plan available upon request. 

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