The Heart In Money


10 money illusions shattered, to allow money with more ease in your coaching and life.


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As it turns out, it's not that money is not "spiritual" , it's just the stories that we have been coded with, some very subtle, that have made it challenging for us to allow money in easily, even as we are showing up, and doing our work.


It turns out, we've just used money as yet another reason to feel bad about ourselves, be secretly jealous of others, be judgmental of others, feel different and separate from one another, even though, deep down, that is not what we aspire to.


In this masterclass, I am excited to share 10 illusions about money that I broke through, which finally helped me consolidate all parts of who I am, feel more oneness with myself, more compassion for others and at the same time allow more money into my life and coaching.

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"The Heart In Money" is for you if:


  • You have a deep desire to stay kind, open hearted , experiencing the feeling of oneness with others, while allowing money with more ease in your life. 


  • Even though it has never been your intention, you have found yourself feeling a certain tightness in your chest, in your guts, or your shoulders when it comes to money matters in your life - especially when in the presence of others who have an easy flow of money in their lives.


  • Now, you are ready to let go, and find freedom in receiving and spending money in harmony with yourself, and your surroundings.


          What you get:


  • A 2h19 min video training that will open your mind and heart to easier money flow in your life.


  • The Heart In Money Workbook packed with practical homework for integration. 

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