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Sacred Currency: Money flow that supports your spiritual growth

The 3 dimensions of money that I pay attention to, to create consistent cash flow in my life and business .

The 3 areas you, especially spirituality driven individual / coach must pay attention to, so that you can allow cash with more ease in your life / business - in a way that fuels your soul.

It wasn't until I started applying what I am sharing in this mini course that I received my first $50k+ cash in less than a month. 


What you can expect: 


  • Very practical, yet simple acts to incorporate in your daily life that make a huge difference opening your doors to easier money flow ( This works for you whether you are a coach or not ) 
  • Powerful energetic purification  with money that resets your relationship with money, so that you can truly allow money to be your partner in all things that matter to you and your soul. 
  • The veils that lifted,  to not only get me receiving money in my business and life ( even as gifts ) in an unexpected way, but also shockingly have opened my heart deeper to myself and definitely to others ( we live with so many illusions, it's crazy ... ) 
  • Also, I will share how to utilize your energetic system to support your receiving of money - how  to utilize specific energy centers for receiving money ( surprisingly , there is more than one chakra that come into play ) - You will  discover why chakra healing you may have done in the past may not have changed anything when it comes to money attraction in your life. 


Bonus:  Instant access to The heart in Money: 10 money illusions shattered, to allow money with more ease in your coaching and life (worth $333)


Price  $333