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Get answers from your energy field to empower you in all areas of your life 

Though I  have been in the energy healing world for quite some time now,  it still astonishes me just how much information your energy field, energy centers can yield and how that can empower your health, joy and prosperity. 

Whether you are desiring:

More focus, increased ability to manifest your heart's desires, increased ability to attract money and hold onto money, inspiration, or motivation, the answer very much lies in your energy field, your aura.

Making changes in your energy system will bring the truest transformation in your life and coaching. 

First step? Awareness of your energetic condition. 

On an intuitive reading session, I tap into your energy field for answers specific to you, and what to do to recover balance where it needs to be.  This applies to health, money, relationships and much more.


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It is quite astonishing! 


I still remember, 13 years later, the very first time I experienced the deep impact that energy healing can have on us humans .  

It was one late evening session with one of my mentors then, she could clearly read my energy, and she could always tell when something was off ....   Back then, I was still overpowered by anxiety, ......  

Those were also the days when I was chronically constipated.  

She suggested that we do some deep 3rd chakra healing work that day, which we did.   After our session, I felt so much lighter in my body and felt I could breathe so much better.  

But it wasn't until the next day that I realized the real power behind the 3rd chakra healing work we had done.  

I woke up fueled and take action, I mean it was like day and night. I went from having procrastinated for so long on tasks I knew would grow my business to actually implementing, and that made a world of difference in my coaching. And to top it all off, my digestion that day was smoother than it had been for years.  


That is the day that, for me, energy healing work, chakra reading and healing stopped being just some esoteric ideology. That is when I realized they are simply tools that can be utilized to fuel one’s growth, health, create joy, manifestation and fulfillment.  

That is why I use them everyday for inspiration, for self healing, for manifesting, for motivation, for insight, inspiration, attraction, to open my heart when I am hurt…. And I am so glad I get to give back, and do that for others now.  

The thing is, no matter what our outward experiences are , they are rooted in the condition of our energy, and making changes in our energy system brings the truest transformation in our lives.  

It first starts with awareness. Becoming aware of one’s own energetic condition.

If you are now wondering how to become aware of your energy centers condition, Simple!  

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I am doing this for a very limited time, and on your Intuitive Reading Session, I connect with your energy field, and energy centers to find answers you've been asking.

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