A 12-Month Group Coaching Program for the Soul Driven Coach / Healer ready to explode their income and impact, in a way that brings them closer to the Divine within

In Your heart...


You dream for yourself, and you dream for other humans on the planet ...

In your fantasies, the world is filled with love, light and harmony...  


In this moment, you know that sharing your work, your heart, your growth with others takes us just one step closer to that fantasy... And the thought of contributing to this just tickles you beyond measure.... 

What you really want:


Bring your work in front of the humans who are truly a match for what you do, in a way that fuels  the expression of your soul 


For your work to have the impact that moves your heart so deeply, and allows a continuous and consistent flow of cash in your business... Five figure months are just the beginning.


You want your own, unique way of marketing that not only fuels you, rather than drain you, but also that seemingly effortlessly magnetizes clients excited, and thrilled to pay and work with you. 


Hello! My name is Dihessa, and if all of the above sounds like you, welcome to Beaming Hearts!!!!


I am so excited you are here!

The fact of the matter is, I have felt, and continue to feel a lot like you! 


Though I have plenty of flaws, and have leaned to embrace them all, one thing that I strive for and value the most in life is spiritual growth, not just for myself, but for you and I and others . 


I started my business for this reason, and the fact that I get to make multiple five figures in a month is just such beautiful bonus. 


The thing is, when I first started coaching, I thought I had to do things  certain ways to get clients... 


I learned marketing that was pushy, tricking, exhausting, and very much was out of alignment with my soul... 


Sadly, I believed it was the only to attract clients... 


I believed wrong!!! 


I am here to tell you, you can attract  ready to pay clients in your coaching, even at high ticket, excited to work with you AND in a way that creates even more intimacy with your soul! 



That is what I bring to you in Beaming Hearts !  


Why My clients get powerful results:  


I lead with Energy and Energetics... Mixed with intuitive strategies . 

In my realm, intention is everything, for the purpose of business growth and cash flow yes - But most importantly, for the expansion that happens in the process. 



Bonuses you get as being part of being in Beaming Hearts:


More Money, Much Faster For Coaches and Healers - Value:  $3,333


Access to UNITY - Energetic practice to support your business and income goals - Value: $2,222 


Extra bonus you might be interested in if you have been wanting to grow with  Facebook / Instagram ads: Ads of light : how my ads convert at super low-cost ( Sometimes at less than 50 cents - Even Facebook agents are choked each time they see these conversions )  / and  lead to $1000+ days in my business - Value: $2,222 


If you can already imagine your business being at double, triple ,  or even 10X in the next few months and beyond, in a way that sets your soul on fire, simply click below to join! I can't wait to have this experience with you! 

Pay In Full ( One payment of $10,000 )
Payment Plan ( 12 payments of $897 )